Harvest Festival is approaching which is our busiest time of year and the period in which we take in enormous donations of food, a lot of it will last for many months.

This year we are especially asking for donations of tinned fruit, cereal bars, rice pudding, UHT milk, small jars of coffee, rice pudding, meats such as hot dogs, curries, stews and meatballs and also breakfast cereals, particularly Weetabix. These are the items that we have to purchase every week, year round apart from the first few weeks following Harvest Festival.

In recent months we have seen an increasing number of customers who are living rough, either on the streets or in tents. It is difficult to find food suitable to give them, ie that is light to carry and does not need cooking or refrigeration! One foodstuff we have found that is not in a tin and provides a nourishing meal are John West Light Lunches. These come in a variety of flavours complete with a plastic fork. We can usually find these on offer at £1.50 each if we shop around but as this is a lot more money than we usually spend on individual food items we are asking if anyone would like to donate one or two this Harvest Festival. Lidl also do a similar item under the brand name NIXE.

If anyone has any suggestions for food that would be suitable for people living rough, we would be pleased to hear them.

Sadly every year we are given hundreds of items of out of date food, sometimes several years past its best before date. We cannot use it so it goes straight in the bin.

You can drop goods off on Tuesdays or Fridays between 1.00 and 3.00 pm. If this is not convenient please call us on 07914655460 to arrange an alternative day/time. We are very flexible.

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