Food Donations

If you are thinking of organising a donation of food, maybe at your place of work, this is the sort of thing that is most useful to us in stocking our foodbank and saves enormously on our weekly supermarket bill.

Yes please!

Tins of: FRUIT, Rice Pudding, Tuna, Meats – (eg stews, meatballs, curries), Hot Dogs, Peas, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes.

‘Weetabix’ or own brand equivalent, Other breakfast cereals, Instant Coffee (small jars), Sugar,250g packs, Jam, Marmalade or Lemon Curd, Pasta sauces. Semi-skimmed UHT milk.

Instant Mashed Potato, Biscuits, Puddings, Jellies, ‘Angel Delight’.

Thanks, but no thanks!

We don’t want to appear fussy but it has to be said there is a list of items that we would prefer not to get – but all for very good reasons:

  • Lasagne sheets – this type of pasta is really only suited to making a lasagne dish, and if you don’t have the rest of the ingredients and maybe no oven, there is not much you can do with it.
  • Kidney beans, lentils, chick peas and any other type of pulses except baked beans – we are given a lot of this type of food and to be perfectly honest, we struggle to use it. Peas, carrots and sweetcorn are firm favourites.

We do like to give people some choices in what they eat – because let’s face it, when your life is in crisis, choice is something you don’t get much opportunity to exercise.

Out of date food

It is a sad fact but we every year we are given hundreds of items of out of date food, often by several years! Although it is not illegal to sell or give away food that is past its ‘best before date’, it is our policy not to use this. Just because the food is being given away it doesn’t mean to say its quality or age is not important – we believe it is.

Would you let your children eat a tin of semolina pudding that expired over 10 years ago? We don’t think so.

Food that is a little bit out of date, say up to a year in the case of canned food, is left to one side for clients to help themselves to – if they are prepared to eat it – anything else has to be put in the bin.

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